Baby Room

In order that parents can return to work safe in the knowledge that their baby will have the best possible care, staff at Daisies have been chosen based on a variety of criteria.  

Babies need to feel loved and nurtured therefore our baby room is organised in such a way that it replicates the home environment.    To compliment this arrangement,  we incorporate stimulating activities based around the Development Matters Framework.

Our baby room is totally self contained with areas designated for sleep times, meal preparation, and nappy changing for this reason staff ratios can be  maintained at all times.

At Daisies we make every effort to maintain established routines.   Please speak to the staff giving details of your requirements.

Toddler Room

When your child is developmentally ready to move on to their next stage if nursery life they start to venture into the Toddler Room.

The emphasis is still on loving and nurturing but they are faced with more challenging opportunities.  

The Development Matters Framework is still followed in the Toddler Room and carefully selected activities are provided.

Children are offered the opportunity to use our extensive outdoor area and also visit the park and library for singing sessions.

Pre-School Room

On approaching the age of three the children begin visits to the pre school room.   Here the children are offered stimulating and exciting activities based around the foundation stage.  

Our staff are qualified to NVQ 3 level and have accessed further training in order to support your child successfully.

Children in the pre school are also offered the opportunity to access the outdoor environment as much as possible and given opportunities to grow their own vegetables and watch wildlife in our mini beast garden.

Children are also offered regular library visits.

All these opportunities greatly aid the transition into school.

Settling In

At Daisies we appreciate that all children are different and will need individual attention in order to settle well.

With this in mind we operate an effective key person system.

You will be offered a settling in package which supports your child and your family.

If you have any concerns whatsoever you are welcome to speak to a member of staff who will be able to help you.